Having Street Cred with Credit Cards

Posted by Ne[x]t on 01.26.12

Are Credit Cards Good Or Bad?  Well, that all depends on how or why you use them. Credit cards can be good for building your credit score, but only if you use them wisely and pay them off on-time.  With a few rules and regulations, along with some self restraint and responsibility, you can make credit cards work for you. HOW YOU ASK? First decide if you are making a wise purchase, then decide which payment method makes the most sense for you: cash, credit, debit, check, etc. Avoid opening several credit cards at one time because this can cause your credit score to fall. Also make sure to review your statement every month to avoid fraudulent charges. By following a few simple guidelines outlined here, you can decide when and how to use a credit card. With a little finesse and careful attention you will be on your way to responsible credit card use.


Good Cred

  • Building your credit score
  • Online purchases
  • Purchases over the phone
  • To pay deposits 
  • Reserve hotel, rentals, etc.
  • Protection in case card is lost or stollen
  • Ease in returning items


Bad Cred

  • Impulse buys
  • Items you can’t afford
  • Allowing friends to use
  • When you have no income
  • On major purchases



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