What is i[x]?


You might be a freshman in high school, ready to graduate college or somewhere in between, but no matter what you have some big decisions ahead. Where to work, what to major in, and what you want to be. This is your time. It’s your opportunity. It’s going to be an exciting time and the team at i[x] wants to help you reach your goals.

Our mission is to help you step up and be what’s next.

So what does that mean? You are the business owners, doctors, and non-profit directors of tomorrow and we want to help you get there. Regardless of your goal, we want to provide the resources and community to help you along your way.

To help define our mission, we’ve put together the three points that guide i[x] as we continue to grow. It’s a pledge we take seriously and one that we encourage our members to follow. Here they are:

1. I Will Work Hard:
Not much happens in life without hard work. It takes effort, sweat and drive to achieve your goals. We’ll be offering you tips and resources on how to work harder and smarter on your path.

2. I Will Help Others:
Life is about more than money and titles. You can work hard, make a lot of cash but if you keep it all for yourself you’ll be unhappy. i[x] will be partnering with local non-profits to give our members the chance to serve and grow.

3. I Will Be Smart with My Money:
As a part of Georgia’s Own Credit Union, being smart with your money is absolutely central to our mission. You’ve got to learn how to manage your money or you will be broke and all your hard work will be wasted. We’ll continue to give you the information and resources you need to expand your money smarts.

This may not be for everyone. However, we believe that everyone can use a little help from time to time and we want to be there for you. Achieve something great.  Grow.  Make a difference.

Fresh Financial Thinking, Delivered to You.

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