Big Ticket Items to Buy this Fall

Posted by Ne[x]t on 11.10.15

17604_origThe weekends spent mowing the lawn or grilling out on the patio will soon start to fade, but if you’re in need for a new grill or mower, now is the time to make those purchases. Many items like these will start to go on sale and could end up saving you hundreds if you’re smart. Take a look at a few items you should purchase now instead of waiting until next year:

Vehicles – As dealerships get ready for the 2016 models to come onto their lot, prices for 2015 models will drop drastically. Plus some may offer incentives like cash-back.
Grills – With the weather cooling off, there will be less grilling to be done. With stores getting ready to put the newer models out, you can score major discounts on the older models.
Household Appliances – As with many other items, old models of refrigerators and dishwashers must be cleared out to make room for new inventory.
Lawn Mowers – Lawn mowers take up a lot of space so in order to get them off the floors, retailers will cut the prices tremendously.
Patio Furniture – People begin to spend more time indoors so you may see some 50% discounts as retailers start to make room for winter merchandise.
Though you may be looking to save money this fall, spending right now on any of these big ticket items could save you big in the long run.

Source: MSN Money, Forbes

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