Tuesday's Tip: Protect Your PIN

Posted by Ne[x]t on 10.17.12
Your credit card and debit card PIN identifies you as the card owner and is the key to authorizing transactions, so it should be protected.   Be sure to choose an original and unique number that can’t be easily identified.   Try to choose random numbers that aren’t associated with your birth date, wedding date, or house address.  To protect it, you should never disclose it to anyone or write it down. If you have to write it down to remember it, never write it on or near your card.  
Remember that Georgia’s Own Credit Union will never solicit for personal information, such as account number, credit/debit card numbers, passwords or PINs. Contact us immediately if you think unauthorized access or fraud has occurred in connection to your Georgia’s Own Credit Union accounts.

i[e-service], do you?

Posted by Ne[x]t on 02.17.10

Home banking, e-statements, online bill pay…you name it, I’ve got it. Not only does it save time by avoiding waiting in lines and writing out checks, but it also saves tons of space because I don’t have all sorts of paper statements and bills floating around. The other huge thing e-services saves me? Money. That’s right, no more 44 cent stamps, no more trips to the post office and no more having to order more checks.

According to, on average, if you receive 6 paper statements per month and mail 6 paper bills with checks each month, switching to e-services could save you over $30 per year. Just as important, it also saves an estimated 12 square feet of forest from deforestation, 91 pounds of greenhouse gasses, 22 gallons of water and 2 pounds of paper!

Plus, you can access your account information, pay bills, make transfers and check your balance from anywhere you can access the internet! It’s easy to make the switch and well worth it. Don’t waste another day, or paper statement. Find out now from your financial institution about how you can switch to e-services. If you’re a Georgia’s Own Credit Union member, just visit to learn about making the switch!

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