Member-to-Member Transfer Now Available

Posted by Ne[x]t on 08.20.15

Ever needed to pay back a friend or family member who is also a Georgia’s Own member? Now you can transfer money for FREE inside online banking. Simply navigate to the Classic tab of the Transfers widget in the full site version and press the ‘Add Account’ button to begin. Click here to view a walkthrough and FAQs.

Please note: You’ll need to know the recipient’s first name, last name and account number. As an example, the correct format of the account number is 800123456071 (note there is no dash and the suffix has a leading zero).

Tips to Creating a Secure Password

Posted by Ne[x]t on 12.05.13

With recent news that hackers captured 2 million passwords from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and thousands over other sites, we wanted to provide a few tips on the best ways to create a strong password. Passwords need to be totally unique and should be different for every online account you have (or at the very least, make sure your passwords for social media and other non-financial websites are different from your passwords at financial websites).

• It must be at least 8 characters long.
• It should contain a variation of capitalization and lowercase letters.
• It needs to contain at least one special characters such as !@#$%^&*, etc.
• It should not have common words or words associated with you like password, 123, your birth date, your login name, your name, etc.

You’re probably thinking, “If I follow all of those rules, how will I ever remember my password?” Here are a few tips that might help:

• Think of it as a passPHRASE versus a password.
• Think of a date, specific event, or anything unique and meaningful to you.
• Replace some of the letters in your words or phrase with symbols, numbers or slight misspellings. Ex: If you wanted your password to relate to a quote such as I Love Lamp, you could make your password Ey3L0v3L@mp.
• Relate your password to a hobby or sport that you enjoy. Maybe tie it to a movie quote or famous speech or song.

A few additional things to remember:

• Never share your password with anyone!
• If you must write it down in order to remember, do not label it as a password.


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