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Posted by Ne[x]t on 05.16.13

By Amber Soley, Branch Services Analyst at Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Have you ever wondered if bank customers can go into different bank branches to conduct financial transactions? Well, did you know that Georgia’s Own members can go into other credit unions to conduct their Georgia’s Own financial business? It is true. In fact, there are over 5,000 credit union locations across the nation that Georgia’s Own members can visit to process transactions on their accounts and it’s called “shared branching.”

As a credit union, Georgia’s Own is member owned and not-for-profit. We are for our members’ profit and therefore we make decisions that truly benefit members, like participating in shared branching. Credit unions also operate differently from banks in that credit unions focus on our cooperative nature rather than a competitive nature, and we do this so that we can provide our members the utmost in service and accessibility. Through the shared branching benefit, you can conduct your Georgia’s Own financial business at other credit unions and the service is completely FREE to Georgia’s Own members, and always has been.*

For your security, some transactions are not available through shared branching, such as X, Y, and Z, but Georgia’s Own members can securely make deposits, withdrawals, payments, transfers, and purchase other negotiable items like money orders, official checks, and more, whether in Georgia, Washington State, Maine, Alaska, Nebraska, or anywhere else across the country. But that’s not all – doing so is easy. Only three items are needed for your transaction: 1) your credit union’s name, 2) your full account number, and 3) a valid, government-issued photo identification card (for example, a State Driver’s license or US Passport).

So, the next time you’re on a short lunch break and need to do a quick transaction, or are out of town and need a quick deposit or withdrawal, check to see if there is a shared branch near you and take advantage of this fantastic credit union member benefit. For our students and young adult members, next time you’re out of state relative wants to send you extra cash for your birthday or school, have them check to see if there is a shared branch nearby instead of paying for a money transfer.

Need more info? To locate a shared branch near you, click here. On the go? Locate a shared branch on your mobile device by visiting the website or downloading the Georgia’s Own app or CU Service Center app. For our full shared branching brochure click here.

And, as an added member benefit, Georgia’s Own members have access to over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. That’s actually more than most of the big banks! Click here to find locations near you.

If you need additional information, call Georgia’s Own at 404.874.1166 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let us know what you think and please comment below!

*Georgia’s Own Credit Union offers shared branching services free to members, but if you are a member of another credit union, you should consult your credit union if they charge fees associated with shared branching.

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